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Digital Night Vision Ranger Pro 5x42

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Digital NV Ranger Pro 5x42
Sku # 28046
The Ranger Pro 5x42 is a vivid example of successful application of digital technologies in observation optics. Currently this is the ultimate night vision digital device. The Ranger Pro features impressive 5-power magnification and large viewing range – up to 450 metres. This is due to a highly sensitive CCD array and new Sum Light tm software technology employed in the Ranger Pro device. The Ranger Pro 5x42 can surely compete with the Gen.2 in image sharpness and brightness. The image transmitted to the monochrome LCD display is crisp and sharp on the entire field of view. The device is able to capture effectively the light flux of a wide wave range in conditions of natural night illumination. To conduct observation on a cloudy moonless night, the adjustable IR illuminator can be used. The wave length amounts to 940nm (remote area of the IR range, invisible to the human eye) – the observer is “invisible” even if the unit is used in the active mode. The built-in video output allows transferring of the image to a monitor or a TV set which facilitates long-time stationary viewing, and video recording to external recording devices.

Video output
Yukon Advenced Optics
Digital Night Vision Ranger Pro 5x42The built-in video output enables image transmission and video recording on peripheral equipment (monitor etc.) while carrying out stationary or mobile observations.
Sum Light Technology
overview_electronics_and_perfomance.jpgSumLight system of light accumulation allows use of the Ranger Pro even at critically low levels of night illumination.
Brightness Adjustment Wheel
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Digital Night Vision Ranger Pro 5x42Image produced by the Ranger Pro is shown on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Manual adjustment of LCD brightness is operated with the adjustment wheel.
Power Supply
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Digital Night Vision Ranger Pro 5x42The Ranger Pro can operate on external power sources such as vehicle's or stationary power grid (the device is equipped with a special output for that) or independently on AA batteries/rechargeable batteries.