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Yukon Night Vision Riflescope NVRS Tactical 2.5x50
Прицел ночного видения NVRS Tactical 2.5x50

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The top of NVRS line | High light gathering capabilities | The most versatile unit in the NVRS gen.1 line | Wide range of rifle mounts | Accurate shooting

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NVRS Tactical 2.5x50
Sku # 26013T
The NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 (gen.1) is an affordable scope that provides comfortable viewing, high performance and accurate shooting. The NVRS line is the hunter's best friend with its ruggedness, durability and ease of use. These riflescopes are equipped with the powerful and safe infra-red flashlights providing recognition of objects in absolute darkness at distances up to 200 meters. The riflescopes are completed with the remote console to switch on a riflescopes or its IR flashlight from an fore-end of rifle. The oblique ergonomic blinker protects an eye from extraneous flares, masks a green luminescence of the image intensifire tube. The construction of the riflescopes provides excellent damp-proofing of all item, including high-voltage part of the image intensifier tube, that guarantees uninterrupted and safe work of the device. The ON/OFF switches for power and the built-in Infrared Illuminator are designed to prevent hand cramps and accommodate users wearing gloves. The battery powered night vision riflescope comes standard with an ON/OFF remote control for a hands-free use and a camera adapter for nighttime photography (for Weaver-mountable Riflescopes only). And don't worry about re-mounting the NVRS after each use with its standard on-rifle carrying case. The case fits around the NVRS while it is mounted on the rifle for easy storage. Each unit is fit with a flip-top objective lens cover that protects the high-quality image tube from intense light that could damage the tubes. This versatile and affordable unit can be used for numerous outdoor activities and is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

Body Description
overview_body_nvrs_tacticalNVRS Tactical 2.5x50 is equipped with two Weaver - rail on the body to attach diverse accessories: DSAS, Laser Aimer, IR-Flashlight. The NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 is remarkable with its mass-dimensional characteristics and high light gathering capabilities. Small weight is provided by especially strong and light titanium body.
Optics / Performance
overview_optics_nvrs_tactical_25x50NVRS lenses have high frequent - contrast characteristics. All optical units are made of a qualitative glass with plotting of multilayer clarifying coatings. On cleanness a field of vision the riflescopes meet the requirements of the most exacting buyers and are considered as one of best.
Electronics / Performance
overview_electronics_and_perfomance.jpgEvery NVRS has a noiseless power supply unit, designed specially for the Yukon Advanced Optics`night vision. The electric equipment units of the riflescopes are reliably isolated, therefore a negative effect of the magnetic field of the Earth on a position of the aiming reticle is completely eliminated.
Mount Possibilities
overview_mount_nvrs_tacticalAll NVRS have a wide range of mounts for a weapon, including Weaver/Weaver-Auto mounts, AK Side Mount, "Los" mount (for Russian rifles), Prism 14/200 mount. The mount Weaver-Auto allows essentially to speed up installation and removing process. For this purpose it is enough to fasten the fastening unit with the handle. The sight does not demand any ranging fire after reinstalling.